Just in time for valentine’s day

Just in time for valentine’s day

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - We’re two days away from Valentine’s Day and many of you are running to stores, looking for that perfect gift.

One gift will always be a fan favorite, chocolate!

15-thousand-pounds of candy, all sold in just 10 days.

“We make candy everyday, we make it fresh,” said Tom Libs Candy Maker.

“I think its just been a tradition for so long. People like keeping traditions alive, their dad bought candy for their mom and now they’re buying it for their wives its just a generational thing,” said Tom.

Stephen Libs Finer Chocolates has decorated their store in all shades of red ready to give you the sweetest treats for Valentine’s Day.

“We start with just a bag of sugar and just bulk chocolate and then we cook everything in a kettle. We mix it in different ways or cool it and once the candy center is made, we take it to our en-robbing room and we dip it,” said Tom.

In fountains and fountains of chocolate.

Rosie has been making the sweet treats for 63 years.

Coming in early to start the machines and making sure each piece of chocolate is placed perfectly in its box.

“Well, you have to get up and do something, so this what i do hahhaha,” said Rosie Libs.

Her husband started Libs in 1950 and since then, making chocolate has been a no brainer.

“It just gets in your blood and you have to keep doing it,” said Rosie.

You still have time to place your Valentine order.

Workers tell us they just need a couple hours notice before you plan to pick it up.

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