Rockport receives safety grant

Rockport receives safety grant

ROCKPORT, IN (WFIE) - Thanks to a $5,000 grant, Rockport police officers have some new equipment that will help keep the community and themselves safe.

Police Chief Jason Overfield said that his staff takes on many different roles and duties. Protecting the citizens of Rockport is a priority, but keeping his own staff safe is right up there on the list.

“Inherently we have a very dangerous job," he said. "Anything that we can do to provide them a little extra safety is certainly very beneficial to us.”

Rockport recently received the safety grant from the Indiana Public Employer’s plan. The police department used that money to supply their officers with new search gloves, traffic batons, night vision goggles, LED flashlights, LED flare kits, and a light kit.

Mayor Gay Ann Harney accepted the check earlier this week.

“I am very thankful, we have been blessed," she said. "Since I have became mayor, we have gotten right under $4-million in grants that we have applied for and been able to get and that is $4-million that we are not paying out of our pocket.”

A 20% match was put up for the grant, but Mayor Harney said it is worth it.

“Anytime you can do that, you are getting more value for your money," she said. "I encourage that all over the city and I’m glad to see him following suit.”

Chief Overfield said any time they receive funding like this, they try to make the most of it.

“It is very exciting. We are a small community so we don’t have the funding that places like Evansville or Owensboro do," said Overfield. "We have got to come up with some other ways to be able to get this, so it is very exciting.”

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