First responders practice car extrication

First responders practice car extrication

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - First respondents met at Lefler Collision to train on emergency extractions on Saturday morning.

Usually when firefighters do this type of training, they use cars from the 90′s found in junk yards, which would not allow them to get a good feel of what that would be like in the field.

Saturday was different. They used state of the art equipment from Genesis and quality cars.

It allowed them to prepare for real situations.

Although the hands on training took about an hour and a half, out in the field they only have 10-15 minutes to get into someone’s car.

Training was all about getting familiar with the parts so they can do just that.

“This training is invaluable for departments because the techniques are different getting into a newer vehicle than an older one. so this training is beneficial not only for the fire fighters and first respondents doing it but also for the community at large” said Tim Grant regional sales manager for Genesis.

Reporter Aria Janel even got a chance at preparing for emergency extractions.

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