DJ Johnson withdraws complaints, Glenn remains state rep for 13th district

DJ Johnson withdraws complaints, Glenn remains state rep for 13th district

DAVIESS CO., KY (WFIE) - The House committee meeting was supposed to end with a recommendation to the house about how to resolve the never ending race for the 13th district. But DJ Johnson instead decided to withdraw his complaints.

“But what’s best for my district, what’s best for my people in my community is that we end this," DJ Johnson said during the meeting. "And for the good of my community, the good of my people, at this point Mr. Chairman I’m asking that I withdraw my challenge.”

“I did not see it coming," Jim Glenn said.

Johnson said the only options he saw available were a special election or a coin toss.

“The turmoil and the legal maneuvering that would have happened as a result of that special election was a disservice to the people of the 13th district and people of my community," Johnson said.

Glenn did not want the coin toss. So Johnson said this was the best decision for him and the community.

“Personally it was very difficult," Johnson said. "But as a public servant, I am totally at peace with my decision. I did what I thought was right for my community and my district and I would do i again in a heartbeat.”

Glenn said he was shocked. He said he thanked Johnson for what he did for the community. And now he's ready to get to work without the distraction of the race.

“We have to focus on the needs of the 13th district," Glenn said. "They need additional jobs. They need additional money for education. So we can move our community forward.”

Johnson did say he is looking forward to some normalcy. We him if he had thought yet about running again in 2020 and he said his inclination is that he will run again next election.

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