Last minute challenger files to run against Mayor Winnecke

Last minute challenger files to run against Mayor Winnecke

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - With about an hour to spare, another candidate has filed to run against Mayor Lloyd Winnecke in the Republican primary.

Election office officials confirm Connie Whitman filed shortly before the noon deadline.

Whitman tells 14 News she read in the paper Friday morning that noon was the deadline, so she decided to head to the election office.

She believes all races should be contested.

Whitman shared several ideas with us that she would like to see happen in Evansville.

She says her main focus would be more employment and less jail.

One thing Whitman doesn’t have planned yet is how she is going to campaign. She says if she gets any donations, she’ll print some flyers.

You can see her extended interview with 14 News here:

Extended interview with Mayoral Candidate Connie Whitman

“We are ready to engage in a spirited campaign on the future of Evansville in the primary and general election,” said Mayor Lloyd Winnecke.

Republican Chair Wayne Parke tells us he is surprised and disappointed by Connie Whitman filing to run against Mayor Winnecke in the primary.

He says Winnecke is 100 times more qualified than Whitman.

Parke says Whitman certainly has the right to run and met all the requirements.

He says this will cause more work for Winnecke and force him to spend more money.

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