Community remembers 2012 storm during clean up

Community remembers 2012 storm during clean up

OAKLAND CITY, IN (WFIE) - Strong storms in Gibson County left the community of Oakland City with houses to repair and businesses to clean up.

Oakland City Mayor Hugh Wirth described some of the debris from the roofs of a local apartment building as “shredded” by the impact of the storm.

Dale Leffler, a volunteer fire fighter in Oakland City, says that his property sustained quite a bit of damage.

“No rain in it. Because we’ve actually got food stored in the building right now," said Leffler. "If we can’t get electricity today then we’ll have to be moving it. See the meter is tore to me we even lost our transformers to this area, so I don’t know what all is going to be going on yet.”

Wirth says that the storm did it’s most damage on the south end of town, nearest to the Oakland City Golf Club. He says that there were no injuries to report that accompanied this storm, which he said was a blessing.

All of that reminded Wirth and Leffler of another storm that hit the area in 2012. Wirth described the scene as the town prepared for the annual Sweet Corn Festival parade when the storm struck.

“At the last minute we looked at it and it was going north of us and we said, we’re fine. It’s going to be north of us," said Wirth. "The next thing we know that storm made almost an immediate 90 degree turn and it come right and hit almost the entire city limits with sustained winds, I know were at least 80 if not 100 mile an hour. It blew for...It had to last for at least 10 minutes. It seems like, you know it always seems longer when you’re in something like that. It just blew hard like that, and it pretty well tore the town up.”

Both Leffler and Wirth say that the main difference between these two storms was the scale of the area affected, not the severity of the damage.

“We had several crews in here for about three days," Wirth said. "We lost several poles that takes a lot more time. You know we lost maybe one pole in this.”

Wirth says the next step is to come together as a community and rebuild...again.

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