Illegal dumpers caught on camera frustrate local business owner

Salvage Candy’s owner asks for help in identifying dumper
Published: Feb. 6, 2019 at 10:16 PM CST
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EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - A local business owner is fed up with illegal dumpers.

He wants the public’s help to catch the dumper he caught on his security cameras.

It’s not the first time we’ve been out to Salvage Candy on S. Weinbach Avenue in Evansville for a similar story.

The property is near the Ohio River banks and it’s a hot spot for dumpers.

As Salvage Candy’s owner, TJ Trem knows how to turn one man’s trash into another man’s treasure.

“I mean, this is our livelihood," Trem said. “We try to take pride in how this place looks!”

Several feet from the entrance to his business, there are dumped couches and chairs rotting in the mud from rain.

“We get customers and they don’t want to see people’s trash under the bridge or down Weinbach,” Trem said.

Dump your trash illegally, and the business owner might try to teach you a lesson himself.

“I want to give a taste of his own medicine,” Trem said. “In all honestly, I was wanting to deal with it myself and just go throw it back in his yard.”

On Trem’s security cameras, a man can be seen driving a green Dodge 4x4 Saturday. The driver is seen dumping the couches and chairs under the I-69 overpass on S. Weinbach. The truck had five parking lights on its top, and the front windshield had white lettering stickers.

“We watch the property. I’ve got 16 cameras. We’re getting 16 more in this week,” Trem said.

Trem tells us he tried to snap a picture of the offender’s licence plate, but he says that particular camera needs a new cable for a clearer picture.

Either way, he hopes people can keep an eye out for the vehicle.

“You know, let us know who it is,” Trem said.

If you have any information, call the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office at (812) 421-6200.

Illegal dumping on land is a $500 fine. It’s even more in waterways, which could put you back up to $1,000 if caught.

It’s $50 to dump a truck load of waste at the county landfill.

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