Summer meal program sites needed in IL

Summer meal program sites needed in IL
33 counties in the state don't have a summer meal program: including Hardin, Hamilton, and Johnson (Source: Taylor Clark)

MARION, IL (KFVS) - According to the Illinois State Board of Education, there aren’t enough organizations supplying Summer meal programs for all the children in need to eat enough during the Summer.

In a recent release from the Board of Education, 33 counties in Illinois don’t have any form of Summer meal program available for students.

Southern Illinois counties included are Johnson, Hamilton, and Hardin Counties.

In Marion, the Boyton Street Community Center is a place where organizers say children have been able to get free meals over the summer for around 30 years.

Margaret Walls is the site supervisor for the summer meal program there, who says they try to make the food as enjoyable as possible for the 50 to 75 kids who attend the program every day.

“Hamburgers, ham sandwiches, chicken fingers, stuff like that," she said. "We try to feed them what they like.”

However, she says places like Boyton Street aren’t all about offering food to the children.

“Most kids enjoy coming up here and interacting with the other kids,” she said, “it gives them something to do, keeps them off the streets.”

If you have the means to start a summer meal program site, you can find the information to get it set up at the link below.

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