Recount in Kentucky House race ends in tie

Recount in Kentucky House race ends in tie

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - A recount in a contested Kentucky state House race where a Democrat was elected by a one-vote margin has ended in a tie.

Democrat Jim Glenn defeated Republican state Rep. DJ Johnson on Election Day by one vote. But the Republican-controlled state legislature ordered a recount at Johnson's request.

Saturday, the Daviess County Board of Elections recounted the more than 12,000 ballots by hand. A review of ballots cast on Election Day showed Glenn leading Johnson by two votes. But the board decided to count five of 17 rejected absentee ballots. Three of those ballots went for Johnson, one went for Glenn and one was blank.

Chief Deputy Clerk Richard House is one of several people who helped conduct the recount on Saturday.

“The machine just looks at a certain thing and it just takes it no matter what and has parameters for that. But people look at things a little bit differently and they can see where the intent of a voter was,” said House.

DJ Johnson was present for the duration of Saturday’s recount. Although he didn’t know what to expect, he never imagined a tie.

“This just points out and basically validates the need that there was for a recount. We have actually added votes that would not have been counted originally," said Johnson.

After the count was complete, Johnson received five additional votes and Glenn received four. Glenn has already been sworn into office and he hopes that will remain.

“The bottom line is this, based on the standard election process, I won the election. Besides that, my attorney is going to review the process of the irregular votes that were counted and she is going to do that sometime this coming week," said Glenn.

The election board will send a report back to the House of Representatives, which will decide what to do next.

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