16-year-old organizing donation drive for homeless

16-year-old organizing donation drive for homeless

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) -After this last cold snap, a local 16-year-old saw our stories about homeless people in need of warm clothes. She called us saying she wanted to do something to help.

That local teen is Ivy Simpson. She is organizing a food and clothing drive by herself and she said people “going without” shouldn’t be so common in our community. Simpson said, “People dying like this is wrong and it needs to stop.”

Simpson said she heard the news about several people dying during this recent arctic blast. “I immediately got on Facebook and started posting stuff and then I went to school and then got this whole thing started at school,” said Simpson.

The dangerous weather that swept the Midwest this week has been blamed for at least 11 deaths.

Ivy saw this and decided she wanted to take action to make sure nothing like this ever happens here in Evansville.

I’vy is planning a food and clothing drive for the homeless this weekend. She said, “Non-perishable foods any clothes that they don’t use anymore just anything that helps.”

Alex Rahman is the Volunteer soup kitchen and food pantry coordinator at the Salvation Army. He said, "I think it shows, to be honest with you, it shows how someone can care about other people. A lot of times we get stuck in our own routine, our own work, our own world.”

The Salvation Army said there are still so many winter items that people will need this year. Rahman said, “The real hard things to get a hold of are things like hats gloves scarfs.”

Ivy said she’s received a lot of positive feedback about her drive on social media, she just hopes people show up to support the cause. “All my friends are re-sharing and it’s pretty overwhelming!”

If you want to support Ivy’s cause she will be collecting warm clothes and blankets and non-perishable foods this Saturday at 11 am outside of Evansville’s Central Library.

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