Indiana Secretary of Commerce tours downtown Evansville

Indiana Secretary of Commerce tours downtown Evansville

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Indiana’s Secretary of Commerce, Jim Schellinger, took a tour of the Downtown Evansville Regional Cities Projects. He got a look at the latest developments while traveling along in Ted the Trolley.

Economic Development Coalition of Southwest Indiana President Greg Wathen says that today was a great way to show the state how their money is being put to use.

“They actually want to see some of the results, and so that is what we did today. We spent time showing them some of the actual results of how we are spending and investing the money not just for southwest indiana but for all of Indiana,” said Wathen.

$42 million in state funding has helped leverage over $900 million in both public and private investment dollars. Although the economic development process takes time, Schellinger says the state is well on it’s way to a bright economic future.

“The mission is to take Indiana to the world, and bring the world to Indiana, and we have been doing just that. We believe we are going to grow our state, at the pace we want to grow it, the workforce and development is going to come from outside the state," said Schellinger.

The Indiana Regional Cities Initiative has helped with projects such as:

The Post House

CoWork Evansville and IoT Lab

St. Vincent YMCA

Signature School

WNIN Old National Bank Public Theatre

Main Street Gateway to the Arts

Stone Family Center for Health Sciences (Embedded Research within the Campus)

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