Community helps man find new home

Community helps man find new home

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - A good news update tonight to an exclusive story we brought you early in the week.

A local janitor has a new place to live.

We introduced you to Evansville library Janitor Eric Moeller. He got a raise, but that raise put his income over the amount to stay at his low-income apartment.

Moeller was worried he would be homeless, but with a little help from a friend and Go-Fund me contribution he has a new place to live.

“I would’ve been homeless if not for the activity of Zac," explained Moeller. "If somebody hadn’t gone out of their way to help, there’s no way I could’ve done this on my own, I’m under a lot of pressure I’m glad I’m not homeless, I gotta keep it going the best I can.”

Moeller tells us he is excited about the apartment, but is a little concerned about maintaining the bills.

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