Investigation into Owensboro murders continues

Investigation into Owensboro murders continue

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - “To have a triple homicide and really a fourth person was shot and seriously injured, it’s pretty unheard of," Lt. Mike Staples the supervisor for the criminal investigations unit at OPD said.

Due to the magnitude of this case, the Owensboro Police Department is still working to fill in some gaps.

“We are putting a little bit of the story together but I can’t speak to motive," Staples said. "And I think we’re still a long way from putting all of the pieces together.”

Staples confirmed they were able to utilize surveillance video, although they couldn’t say from where.

“We have obtained surveillance video from different resources and those have given us new insight into the case that we can look into and other people we can talk to," he said.

Staples said they’ve done more interviews than they can count and received dozens of tips from the community.

“Every tip that’s called in, it may take some time as we organize that information, but every one of them it’s important for us to follow up on," he said.

And while those tips are leading police in the right direction, Staples said a lot of that information will be kept confidential until the trial.

“Homicide investigations as a whole don’t stop when the arrest is made," Staples said. "They continue to a long period of time after that. we always say they continue all the way up until we go to trial.”

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