Man posts ad in local paper to find a new kidney

Man posts ad in local paper to find a new kidney

JASPER, IN (WFIE) - A Jasper man is hoping to find a new kidney with a help of a newspaper ad.

Bill Pfister’s ad was printed in the Dubois County Herald Jan. 17.

Bill explains he had a stroke last year that caused his kidneys to stop working. Now he depends on dialysis.

He needs a transplant, but nobody from his family is a match.

He asks anyone who can help to give him a call.

Bill Pfister's newspaper ad (Source: The Herald)
Bill Pfister's newspaper ad (Source: The Herald)

“I guess I hallucinated so much that I called 911 from my hospital room and said they’re trying to kill me. And they said well wait a minute you’re in the hospital” said Bill Pfister.

In April of 2018, Bill Pfister had a stroke. Leading him to the hospital to be told he needed a kidney transplant.

“I dreamed of being able to travel when I retired. I sold my business then I ran into a whole bunch of problems” said Bill.

Feeling defeated Bill’s family came to try and support him, but the disappointment continued when he found out no-one was a match.

So he turned to the Dubois County Herald.

“Because I was desperate and the herald newspaper has a lot of subscribers and I thought well maybe I could get some movement by doing an ad” said Bill.

An ad that would land on Allen Laman’s desk, and this reporter would change the course of bill’s story.

"Once I read through it again I just began to understand this guy is really, this is his last call he has exhausted every option to find an organ that is going to make his life exponentially better " said Allen Laman.

After talking to Bill, Allen decided to do a story in the paper on his search. And the response was incredible.

“I just can’t believe the number of people that have come forward and they’ve been so willing to try to give me a hand that are complete strangers to me” said Bill.

Although he hasn’t found a match yet, he stays hopeful.

“I will forever be indebted to him whether I get a kidney or not, because of the movement from people” said Bill.

“What we have with community journalism is a platform for people like bill so they can reach out to the community and connect with people in a way they wouldn’t have an opportunity to if we weren’t here” said Allen.

Bill asks that anyone that can considers being an organ donor. He says there are so many people in this world that can use your help!

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