Small business owner offers reward for stolen sentimental item

The owner at Penny Lane Coffeehouse in Haynie’s Corner says it’s about the bigger picture

Penny Lane

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Brian Bennett says he’ll give a year’s worth of free coffee on top of $500 in exchange for any information leading an arrest.

Bennett, who has owned Penny Lane Coffeehouse since 2012, says the theft happened sometime over the weekend.

The pay-out reward is 30 times-higher than what the stolen item can retail for.

According to Bennett, someone went into the restroom in the back of the business and slipped a Pamela Hanson photograph out of its frame.

“How bad is your life that you go into the local coffee shop and take a picture out of a frame and walk out with it," Bennett said.

Bennett explained how the Hanson photo meant a lot to him and his loyal customers.

“It’s the principle. Can a poster be replaced? Yes. Can a piece of artwork be replaced? Yes," Bennett said. “Can that particular one that has been here for 12 years, has been in hundreds of bathroom selfies? Can that be replaced? No.”

Hanson is a well-known photographer from London. Her work has been featured in Vogue and many other fashion magazines for over 20 years.

What irked him, he said, was not about the picture, really, but the act of stealing in itself.

“It’s just...don’t steal. You know? If you wanted to buy it, ask us, we would’ve sold it to you," Bennett said.

“I’ll write a $500 check with my own money just for if we can find out who did it and arrest them. I’ll be more than happy to even throw in a year’s worth of free coffee, that’s over 1,500 bucks," Bennett chuckled.

Bennett is asking anyone with information to send an anonymous email to or message its official Facebook page.

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