A dozen snow plows work to clear Gibson Co. roads Monday

Road Conditions in Gibson Co.

GIBSON CO., IN (WFIE) - Snow and ice will remain a problem Monday night on many Tri-State roads.

Large solid patches of ice were found Monday afternoon, causing slide offs, on Gibson County highways.

“It’s basically all hands-on deck. Everybody is working, and doing what we can to get the roads open,” Gibson County roads superintendent Chuck Lewis explained.

The Sheriff’s office sent out an alert Saturday telling drivers ‘travel is not advised.’

“We also opted to keep our drivers off the roads until the wind died down and we deemed it was safe for them to get out also,” Lewis stated.

The county road department employees got to work early Sunday morning. At one point, nearly two dozen pieces of equipment, including plows, were on the roads across the county. On Monday, 12 plows continued to push through.

“The wind was a challenge because of the drifting, also heavy rains, then once the temperatures dropped, they froze so we had a layer of ice under the snow which makes it very difficult to plow. It’s really hard to get that ice up off the road, just snow is a lot easier to deal with than ice,” Lewis described.

Responsible for 600 miles of paved roads, plus an additional 300 miles of gravel roads, Lewis says their salt/sand supply is still in good shape — looking ahead to more chances of snow in the coming days.

“And we’ll be ready — we have plenty of salt and sand in stock. We have deliveries coming in first of the week to refill the barn and have everything ready to go, so whatever Mother Nature brings us we will be ready,” Lewis told 14 News.

Lewis also says a lot of the headway they make during the day, refreezes at night.

As of 4 PM Monday, dispatch says they’ve had one slide off.

North, South, and East Gibson Schools are all temporarily closed.

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