UE announces location for new wellness and recreation center

UE announces location for new wellness and recreation center

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The University of Evansville considered two spaces for the new wellness and recreation center. University of Evansville President Chris Pietruszkiewicz says that the location where Hughes Hall currently sits is a prime location to provide a sense of arrival.

“On the corner of Weinbach and Walnut, it provides a new window to campus and the design, we think, will create a ‘wow factor’ for coming onto the University of Evansville’s campus," said Pietruszkiewicz.

The new facility will be two stories stories tall with 70,000 square feet of space including gymnasiums, racquetball courts, fitness rooms, and a track.

“We’re not calling it a fitness center because this facility is going to be much broader than just the fitness needs of our campus community. It is also going to include health and wellness," said Pietruszkiewicz.

The university also considered the area where the old tennis courts once were. With that space remaining empty, President Pietruszkiewicz believes it can be utilized for intramural activities in the future.

“This will allow the possibility of moving those intramural fields to one geographic location that can happen on the University of Evansville’s campus just across from Walnut where the new wellness and recreation center would go," said Pietruszkiewicz.

Pietruszkiewicz says that the majority of the project will be funded through private philanthropy and university leaders are working with designers to come up with a total cost estimate.

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