Grant program to help homeowners in historic Newburgh

Grant program to help homeowners in historic Newburgh

NEWBURGH, IN (WFIE) - Newburgh residents who live in the historic district may soon have the opportunity to receive funding to rehab their homes.

Newburgh Zoning Administrator Tavi Wydicks told us that there is grant funding available for commercial historic properties, but not a lot of funding is available for historic homeowners.

That is why the town wants to make some funds available.

The Newburgh Historic Preservation Commission and Historic Newburgh Inc. have partnered to begin discussions about how to provide funding for homeowners in the historic district.

Many of these homes are well over 100-years-old, and many homeowners tell us that they simply cannot afford to rehabilitate these structures.

Wydicks said that two historic homes have had to be demolished since she has been zoning administrator, and the town wants to try and prevent that from happening again.

"With the historic properties, obviously rehabilitation has to be very specific," said Wydicks. "It has to be certain materials and that can be a lot more expensive than just remodeling a regular home. So, with that extra cost involved, we just want to try to provide a chance for everyone to get some help."

Wydicks said the grant program would be privately funded by donors, and they hope to have a plan in place by late March.

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