SNAP beneficiaries plan for the worst

SNAP beneficiaries bracing for the worst

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The shutdown is having an impact across the Tri-state.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program “SNAP” officials released February’s benefits early, with an uncertainty on whether or not there will be any benefits for March.

14 news spoke with one woman who says her family is going to try their hardest not to use the benefits until the last possible second.

“As a parent you want to provide for your child you don’t want them to suffer in any way shape or form. Not having food that’s scary”said Samantha Gibson.

Samantha Gibson would do anything for her 3 boys, but when the government shutdown, her snap benefits came early.

“Well without it we wouldn’t be able to eat period” said Gibson.

With the re-opening of the government unknown.

Samantha is worried that this may be the last of the benefits she’ll get. Forcing her to wait to use her benefits until her refrigerator is empty, and they have no choice.

“You know my boys are big, they like to eat and the thought that they’re not going to have what they need. Going to bed with hungry bellies that’s not good for anybody no matter who you are” said Gibson.

Explaining the shut down and its effects to one of her boys has been the trickiest.

“Explaining something to someone with autism that I’m sorry we can’t get the cookies or the snacks that you want we have to worry about meat and things like that” said Gibson.

Not knowing when it will end, is the worst part.

“He was eating a bag of chips the other day and he said well can I just go ahead and finish it? To not be able to say well you have to have that for tomorrow to or the next day and we don’t know when we can get those again because that’s a luxury right now” said Gibson.

Despite her worries for her own family, it’s others she’s thinking about.

"I know there's going to be families that are way worse than me. Because I at least have an income

And I know families that do not have that. They’re just going to be out and it’s sad and scary" said Gibson .

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