Renovations on Main St. buildings in Rockport could bring new life to downtown

Renovations on Main St. buildings in Rockport could bring new life to downtown

ROCKPORT, IN (WFIE) - Renovations inside part of a 126-year old Main Street building are nearly done, and city officials hope a local business will take an interest.

Chelsea Allen has been a business owner on Main Street for 6 years. She had to sink some money into the old building that houses her business, but she says it was well worth it.

“It is old buildings and character. When customers come in, one of the first things they say is that they love our brick walls. So it’s fun to be on Main Stree,” said Allen.

Like Allen’s business, many others on Main Street are closed by 5:00pm. Mayor Gay Ann Harney would like to see some night life.

“It is dead on Main Street! I mean, there are no cars parked on it. So let’s try to find a business that would bring business in after 4 and 5 o’clock,” said Harney.

Thanks to a half-million dollar grant, and $150,000 from the city, the building across from Midwest Graphix is just about totally renovated. Mayor Harney tells 14 News that she is hoping a local business will show an interest in the space.

“It wasn’t put their to bring income to the city, it was put there to revitalize the city. So that was the purpose in getting the grant and trying to find a business that would help revitalize the downtown,” said Harney.

Allen welcomes any new business to Main Street with open arms, and hopes that the old building will soon bring more people downtown.

“Rockport absolutely needs some more business, some more restaraunts, just more things for people to do and come here. We have people. We have a successful business and have been here for 6 years. So other people can make it too,” said Allen.

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