Tri-State Food Bank prepares for the worst

Food Bank SNAP benefits

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The government shutdown is also affecting Hoosiers who receive food stamps.

The people who receive SNAP benefits will get their February allotment early, but no one knows how long that money will have to last.

If recipients run out of benefits, it could cause a run on local food banks.

The Tri-State Food Bank says they are really starting to worry.

If people who receive SNAP benefits don’t ration this money, it could be a catastrophe and they say this is not an exaggeration.

"Contact their legislators. contact their representatives, their senators. tell them to tell the white house.

Under no circumstances snap is to be cut because this country cannot afford to have 40 million people go hungry," said Executive Director Glenn Roberts.

The government shut down is on day 24 and people are starting to wonder, what happens if this continues.

For those who benefit from SNAP will be getting their benefits early for the month of February.

After that, who knows what will come.

“Our advice to people is just to be disciplined and not spend them immediately because they need to last through the month of February,” said Roberts.

A typical snap allotment is 120 dollars, but there is no way to know how long that money will have to last this time.

“We will do our very best to meet any increase in need. but it will be absolutely overwhelming for across the country,” said Roberts.

Roberts says a food bank is the last resort for people who have no other way to get food.

He tells me that for every 12 meals SNAP provides they can only provide one.

“12, 12 to 1, I cant imagine what the world would be like.. People would be stealing people would maybe trying to break in to get food it would be catastrophic. We can’t allow that to happen in this country,” said Roberts

SNAP will be sending out benefits on January 16,2019.

The Tri-State food bank is asking for any donations possible so that they can get ready for whatever may be coming their way.

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