Former Daviess Co. Sheriff’s Deputy appears in court

Former Daviess Co. Sheriff’s Deputy appears in court

DAVIESS CO., KY (WFIE) - Former Daviess County Sheriff’s Deputy Troy Calvert was in court on Wednesday.

Calvert is charged with retaliating against a witness, which was just days before he was set to be released from jail.

Well after several hours of waiting, Calvert’s attorney never showed up. So with Calvert in the Henderson County Jail, there was no one to represent him in court.

Judge Lisa Jones still read through his charges and appointed Calvert a public defender. Judge Jones kept Calvert’s bond at $500,000 full cash.

Calvert was serving time for breaking his domestic violence order on his ex-wife over 30 times and was set to be released Wednesday. But after officials were notified Calvert was threatening to kill his ex-wife when he got out, he was given new charges.

Calvert will make his next court appearance on January 23. Officials are working to have Calvert appear in court in person.

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