Coffee Shop gives back to local makers to boost small businesses

Coffee Shop gives back to local makers to boost small businesses

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - A local coffee shop is doing it’s part to stimulate the local economy by giving money from the sale of locally made products, back to those makers.

River City Coffee and goods posted on their Instagram last week that they had made $118,632 in sales from locally made goods, and all of that money was going back to the people who made the products.

Heather Vaught, the owner of River City Coffee and Goods, says that everything in the store is made by a small business owner, with a focus on small businesses in Evansville.

She says the coffee came second. The business began as a gift shop to show off what Evansville has to offer.

“So many of them would get local orders and then they’d like have to randomly meet people like all day long or throughout the week," said Vaught. "So now they kind of have a centralized location where they can send people to come and pick up the things that they make.”

Vaught says the coffee shop does the heavy lifting for the business. She’s able to sustain the cost of running business through coffee sales, which means they can give as much money as they can back to local makers. That creates a loop that promotes small business and benefits the local economy.

“I know all the people that sell things and create things here as a maker themselves are probably the same people that are going to be wanting to go to a local restaurant or go to a local business to spend their money, so really that money is just continually circulating in our community," Vaught said.

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