Roy Lee Ward files lawsuit to block death penalty in Indiana

Roy Lee Ward Lawsuit

INDIANA (WFIE) - Another lawsuit has been filed by Roy Lee Ward.

Ward was sentenced to death in 2002 for the brutal rape and murder of 15-year-old Stacy Payne of Spencer County.

Stacey Payne - WFIE Archives
Stacey Payne - WFIE Archives

His conviction and sentence was overturned due to pre-trial publicity, but he was sentenced to death for a second time in 2007 after pleading guilty.

Ward’s most recent lawsuit says the death penalty violates Indiana’s Constitution.

It asks for a permanent injunction to stop Indiana from carrying out any executions.

Ward previously sued Indiana over the newest lethal injection cocktail approved for the state. That suit claimed the decision making process didn’t follow the rules before adopting it.

Indiana’s Supreme Court ruled against that suit.

Roy Lee Ward
Roy Lee Ward

Right now, there are no scheduled dates for executions in Indiana, but there are 12 people on death row. One of them is being held in a prison out of state.

The last person put to death in Indiana was Eric Wrinkles in 2009. He was 94th person executed according to records that go back to 1897. Indiana became a state in 1816.

Hanging was the state’s first form of corporal punishment. That lasted until 1907. Electrocution was used until 1994.

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