More charges for former Sheriff’s Deputy

Deputy arrested again

DAVIEES CO., KY (WFIE) - Troy Calvert was a sheriff’s deputy for over 15 years before things turned ugly.

Officials say after Calvert and his wife divorced, Calvert changed. While in jail for violating the domestic violence order against his ex-wife over 30 times, inmates at the Daviess County Detention Center told officials that Calvert was threatening to harm his ex-wife when he got out.

“He was specific enough where it alarmed myself, the judge involved, the prosecutors enough to where it took it to the point where we need to address this with Mr. Calvert," Major Bill Thompson with the Daviess County Sheriff’s Office said.

Thompson said he listened to over 600 of Calvert’s phone calls from the jail.

“He said when he gets out he’s going to kill his wife," Thompson said.

Thompson said the conversations were horrifying and he and other officials felt they could charge Calvert before he was released this Thursday. He has since been moved to the Henderson County jail.

Thompson said Calvert's ex-wife is scared and knows what is going on.

“She is well aware of the threats and of the possibility of even further retaliation down the road," Thompson said.

If convicted of these new charges of retaliating against a witness, Calvert could face 2-10 years in prison.

“The court system can’t incarcerate him the rest of his life," Thompson said. "That’s just not practical.”

Thompson says the sheriff’s office is being proactive in keeping Ms. Calvert and their children safe.

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