Man arrested after detective suffers broken nose

Man arrested after detective suffers broken nose

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - An incident at a hospital early Tuesday caused one officer to be hospitalized, while the assailant was arrested for battery.

According to a news release from the Evansville Police Department, Justin Brunner, 28-years-old, was at St. Vincent Hospital awaiting an evaluation. Because of his mental state, Brunner was not allowed to leave before being evaluated.

The release states, Brunner made continuous efforts to leave and an EPD detective was needed to contain him. During a scuffle with Brunner, the on-scene EPD detective hit his face on the ground after falling.

Once the detective was on the ground, Brunner got on top of him and hit several times in the head and face before running. The detective caught up with him, but police say Brunner continued to fight.

Several hospital and staff members jumped in to help, which led to Brunner being hit with a taser.

According to EPD, the detective was hospitalized with a broken nose and Brunner is facing several battery charges.

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