Hanson Elementary tops Hopkins Co. schools prioritized projects list

Hanson Elementary

HOPKINS CO, KY (WFIE) - A committee is pushing for major upgrades across the Hopkins County School District.

They are working alongside the Board of Education to figure out which schools need repairs first and whether any buildings should be replaced. Just like students strung together in a single file line, a list of major prioritized projects has been put in order for Hopkins County schools.

“We obviously have needs across our district and would love to address all those needs but sometimes you just have to take one building at a time,” Superintendent Deanna Ashby explained.

Leading that list is Hanson Elementary. The building was once a high school. Original parts of it date back to the 1920s, including the gym.

Superintendent Ashby previously worked as Hanson’s principal.

Hanson is currently home to 535 Hanson hunters. It has more students than all other Hopkins County elementary schools. After all, the community is growing.

Looking towards the interstate, above the school’s flag pole, a large sign shows gasoline prices.

Love’s is one of the many developments off the interstate. Wal Mart is also included in the growth, leaving many questioning what to do with the remaining space.

“I know there’s a lot of talk about where our new school would be built and all those details but that’s not really the task of this committee. That would be something the Hopkins County Board of Education would decide but were definitely not to that point yet,” Ashby added.

A draft of the facilities plan, which is traditionally required every four years by the Department of Education, has been sent off.

From here, state officials will send the draft back and make their own recommendations. Then, the local board will need to sign off on them before the final draft can go back to the Kentucky Department of Education.

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