Evansville startup appliance grows vegetables on your kitchen counter

Evansville Startup

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - A new company in Evansville has a new creation. It’s like a Keurig, but for veggies.

A startup in Evansville is working on a new GroPod. Heliponix just won an investment from Purdue University.

The company provides the appliance designed to grow veggies on your kitchen counter.

If you get the device, you’ll get a monthly Seed Pod, which yields a full head of leafy greens.

Co-founders, Scott Massey and Ivan Ball, both graduates from Purdue are behind the startup.

“You hear about these E-coli outbreaks, miscarriages, a lot of terrible things can happen if we’re not eating clean food and what we’ve made is a clean food appliance that’s affordable and profitable for both the consumer and the company, meaning they’re saving money while eating healthier and once you include the health benefits of eating more vegetables in your diet the benefits of a product like this are immeasurable,” explained Scott Massey.

The State Department also awarded a grant to the company. The owners say they’ll keep their business headquarters in Evansville.

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