SUV stolen from Owensboro home not once, but twice

Owensboro couple’s car stolen not once, but twice

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - It’s a bizarre and brazen crime in Owensboro.

Last week, a couple’s SUV was stolen from their home. They were surprised to see it returned.

But now, it’s gone again.

And the owners say other nearby homes have recently been hit.

“I came out approximately 4:10 Thursday morning, and noticed that the SUV was not here," owner Jason Cox recalled.

This red Ford Escape belongs to the Cox’s. It was parked behind their Miller Court home Wednesday night. Within about an hour of reporting the theft to police came a surprising discovery.

“I heard a sound, I came outside to this point and saw that the SUV has been returned,” Cox added.

Jason Cox tells 14 News those responsible found a spare key buried in the console. And although the SUV was returned, it was found with back bumper damage.

“We then determined that they had run into the neighbor’s fence a couple times,” Cox said.

Much to their surprise early Monday.

“There’s no way this can be happening again,” Cox told 14 News.

The SUV had been stolen again. The thieves had kept the key after returning the Escape.

Owensboro police say they’re not sure who is responsible for this car theft, but we know that officers have been to this neighborhood recently for other crime related calls.

Cox told 14 News crews they found an officer walking a nearby alley Sunday night who was said to be searching for a stolen backpack and iPad. And just a few doors down, Cox says his neighbor’s house was broken into undetected while the owner was inside.

“Even in the middle of the day, you feel like you’re looking over your shoulder and around the corner,” Cox described.

The red Ford escape has been found.

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