Newburgh Presbyterian Church bids farewell

Newburgh Presbyterian Church bids farewell

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - How do you say goodbye to 179 years of tradition and worship? The Newburgh Presbyterian Church first opened it’s doors in 1840. Pastor Stephen Gutridge knew that today’s service would be an emotional one.

“The members that we have now, have been here for a long time. So this is going to be a very emotional time for them,” said Gutridge.

As the congregation began to deplete, church leaders began to question how they could move forward. After much thought, the congregation decided it was best to dissolve.

“Because the congregation is mostly aging, there just wasn’t the energy to keep moving forward,” said Gutridge.

Decisions like this one can be hard to make, but church leaders hope that the congregation will continue what they started here in Newburgh. Much of the funds from the church will go to the Presbytery of Ohio Valley and also towards Christian education around Newburgh.

Pastor Gutridge says that this is just another way that the legacy of this church will live on, and he hopes that the town of Newburgh keeps it’s memory alive.

“A lot of people in town, when they’ll go by, they’ll think about... oh that was the Newburgh church! So.. we have been here a long time! And there is going to be a lot of memories," said Gutridge.

The church’s riverfront property will now be in the hands of the Presbytery of Ohio Valley and they intend to sell the property.

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