Evansville partners with the traffic app, Waze

Waze partnership

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Evansville is partnering with the traffic app Waze that will help you navigate around the city.

On the app, you’ll find any road closures and traffic delays around Evansville. Those hazards are put in by the city, but also by other Waze users.

The goal is to help you take the most efficient route wherever you’re headed.

“It’d be an easy tool. All they do is go to the app and see the route that they’re going to use and if there is a road closure or something they can find another route, it will have the up to date information. It’s a really nice tool for real time info,” said Steve Schaefer, Deputy Mayor.

Right now, you can already find Evansville traffic data on Waze. The app is free.

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