RiverPark Center shuts down partnership with Spectra

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OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - It was a stressful morning at the RiverPark Center for employees and volunteers who questioned their futures with the performing arts center.

“We’re just really concerned and scared that we’re not gonna have our jobs and that more importantly this place is not gonna be what it is meant to be," Donna Conkwright the programming director for the RiverPark Center said before the vote.

“I’m going to take a hard look at it quite honestly," Larry Jerome a volunteer said before the vote. "If I don’t feel needed, I’ve got other things I can do.”

But after meeting with volunteers, then a closed board session, and then meeting with employees, the board voted not to hire spectra as a third party management company.

“In light of the reactions we’ve had from the community with a management company that our next move will be to search for an individual to take Roxi’s place," Jeff Ebelhar the board chair said.

“I was ecstatic," Goldie Payne an original board member and RiverPark Center supporter said. "I just could not believe it when they said it was voted down. And I was yipping and hollering just like everybody else. It’s great for the community, it’s what we wanted.”

The board will need to replace it’s existing executive director after she retires this June. But the RiverPark Center also needs to bring in more money, after hitting a $150,000 deficit this year.

“We have the cash reserves to weather that," Ebelhar said. "But the actual reality of it is that we can’t weather it much longer.”

The board hopes to make better efforts for fundraising...

“Let everybody know that look, we’re hurting just like anybody else would be and let us help," Payne said.

So this place that has become a home to so many can keep it's doors open.

RiverPark Center still searching for new Executive Director

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