Two arrested on meth charges

Two arrested on meth charges

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Two people were arrested on meth charges Friday night.

Police were called to the scene because of a family dispute the caller saying they were being held at gunpoint.

When police arrived they found Luke Langford and Hannah Sanford. Two syringes tested positive for meth.

Luke Langford
Luke Langford (Source: Vanderburgh Co. Jail)
Hannah Sanford
Hannah Sanford (Source: Vanderburgh Co. Jail)

An EPD police report states the two claimed to not know the drug paraphernalia was in the home and belonged to the homeowner, who was not home at the time.

Officers say Langford and Sanford claimed they were only there to take showers due to being homeless.

Police got in touch with the homeowner, who claimed he left Langford and Sanford in his home after the dispute.

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