Mesker Zoo staff adjusts to weather

Mesker Zoo staff adjusts to weather

It meant for a busier Saturday to make sure the animals were comfortable and taken care of.

"This morning we had crews come in at 6:00 ahead of our animal staff, to make sure that our animals are taken care of and our animal staff can get to them in the morning," said Deputy Director Paul Bousman. "That is our first priority.

Zoo staff says when inclement weather is coming, they start making adjustment plans days in advance. Many animals at the zoo cannot be out in the cold and are moved inside.

"Our expert zookeepers do so much extra work to keep our animals comfortable," said Bousman. "They put down extra bedding, they add heat when needed in the form of heat mats and heat lamps, and heat lights. They also do some supplemental feeding for some extra calories for animals that might be out in this weather but need to keep warm."

The Zoo is open 365 days per year. They say the cold weather gives you a better viewing experience for some animals that don't seem to mind the cold at all.

“So the ones that are from temperate habitats around the world, places like Asia, that is used to this kind of cold weather,” said Bousman. “They are having a blast today. The Tigers, the camels, the red panda, they just love this weather!”

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