Rejected absentee ballot debate continues

Rejected absentee ballot debate continues

KENTUCKY (WFIE) - More details on the Jim Glenn versus DJ Johnson race for the 13th District in Kentucky.

The house seat came down to just one vote.

Johnson is working to get a recount, but the newest development in the story regarding rejected absentee ballots have made both sides upset.

A new debate is now taking over the conversation: If 17 unanimously rejected absentee ballots were handled incorrectly.

That's because of a picture that was featured in the paper this week showing a deputy with the clerk's office and the sheriff's office touching the ballots.

According to the Kentucky Democratic Party, absentee ballots must remain in a locked box with three locks.

Daviess County Deputy Clerk Richard House told us the absentee ballots were in a locked box, but it is so big the ballots couldn't be transported that way.

House said they were alerted Wednesday afternoon that a KSP Trooper with the House of Representatives would be coming to pick up the 17 absentee ballots as well as some roster books.

When the absentee ballots were picked up was when that picture was taken.

House is unsure where exactly the ballots were taken, he just knows they are in Frankfort.

The Kentucky Democratic Party has now requested several pieces of information about when and where the ballots were taken as well as who handled them. They claim because of multiple people touching the ballots it’s impossible to know if the ballots have been tampered with.

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