Two SROs added to Henderson Co. Schools

Two SROs added to Henderson Co. Schools

HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) - Two additional School Resource Officers have been placed in a couple more Henderson County Schools. It’s a story we first told you about in November.

‘Overwhelmingly pleased and supportive’ is how Sheriff Ed Brady says administrators and parents feel about having a uniformed police presence, not just in one, but both Henderson County middle schools.

Hired near the end of December, two new SROs started their new roles this month. The school system, who is paying for their positions, approached the Sheriff’s office to get the partnership rolling.

A couple candidates were identified and hired Bob Shultz and Sean McKinny, both are retired from Kentucky State Police. Shultz, who is positioned at North middle, made the rank of Major. McKinny, who now supervises at South middle, is a retired captain.

Sheriff Ed Brady hired them both early in each of their careers at the Henderson police department.

“To get two people with that kind of experience and training, they’re hometown guys, they both lived in Henderson all this time… They still have children in school, which gives them an added interest in school safety, we felt like it was a win-win,” Sheriff Brady explained.

Both will be attending SRO training sessions this summer.

Each SRO will work 195 days a year, and will be off during summer, spring and fall breaks.

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