New Posey County Sheriff and new plans for 2019

New Posey County Sheriff and new plans for 2019

Posey County, IN (WFIE) - There’s a new sheriff in Posey County. Sheriff Tom Latham is no stranger to the area. He’s been with the sheriff’s office for many years, most recently as the Chief Deputy.

There’s one trend he’s noticed that is going up, inmate re-offences. So Sheriff Latham has devised a plan he thinks will help bring those numbers down, this is just one of his many plans for 2019.

“Not everyone who’s in jail are bad people, they’ve made some bad decisions,” said Sheriff Latham.

Sheriff Latham believes in second chances at life, which is what he plans to do for some inmates in the Posey County Jail. Sheriff Latham said, “We see this recidivism rate more so increasing than decreasing.”

The Sheriff plans to bring skilled trade to inmates at the jail. He said, “I’ve been in contact with a couple of folks around county that are willing to donate their time and help develop programs for some of the inmates that are going to be released back into society”

The program will help keep jail populations down which is something former Sheriff Greg Oeth worked on a lot with Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding, Sheriff Latham plans to continue Oeth’s work.

“We want to obviously help them out and in addition it helps Posey County out. We have the room to house those inmates. So it’s something that we definately want to continue,” said Sheriff Latham.

With the recent jail expansion, Sheriff Latham explains how they are able to keep the jail moving smoothly. " If somebody comes in for some type of crime that takes place. We’ll set them in here for 24 hours," said Sheriff Latham.

Other safety precautions are new to keep everyone safe. He explains how the doors swing in instead of pull out to help with combative inmates. “If we’re fighting them, as we’re fighting them, we can push the door open and get them through here instead of pulling it out.”

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