Several topics to be discussed at Owensboro City Commission meeting

Owensboro City Commission

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - City commission meets Tuesday in a work session to discuss most of the city’s major projects.

On top of their list is lighting the Blue Bridge. Assistant City Manager, Lelan Hancock, says they will enter the design phase later in January. That’ll take about three months. Then after bidding and construction, the bridge could be lit by the end of 2019.

The dog park in Legion Park is still set to open this spring, a project people have been wanting for years.

The Mayor’s Mile will also be completed in the spring. Signage will be posted in a downtown loop to mark the mileage.

One main goal for the mayor and city commission is still adding more residential units downtown. But, with so few parking places, the city is working to solve it’s downtown parking problem first.

“The problem with a parking garage is that it’s in the single location. Depending on the need for this parking, it may not be in one single location but it may be dispersed throughout the community. We’ll see how quickly the current parking garage fills up. But the remaining parking that we need could be surface lots, could be on street or could be eventually an additional parking garage," said Nate Pagan, Owensboro City Manager.

The new downtown parking garage fully opened Monday to the public, but there are only 267 spots open.

And with the hope of adding close to 500 residential units downtown, the city will have to find a place for those people to park.

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