KY Democratic Party holds potluck dinner to meet governor candidates

KY Democratic Party holds potluck dinner to meet governor candidates

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) -It seems like we just wrapped up those midterm elections. Now another big election is less than a year away. On Friday night the public had the opportunity to meet one of the candidates for Kentucky Governor.

There was quite the turnout at the Democrat Party headquarters in Daviess County on Friday.

The meet and greet was a little bit different, you could bring a dish and enjoy some food all while asking the candidate questions.

Fridays candidate was Rocky Adkins, a Democratic member of the Kentucky House of Representatives.

Donna Haynes is the Daviess County Democratic Party Chairman. She said, “Nothing fancy. No cost to them. We’re all chipping in and meet the candidates. It’s just meet the candidates, ask the questions and get the truth.”

Truth and transparency were the two key components of the potluck dinner.

“I want to see our people to have hope and opportunity to live in whatever region of Kentucky it is that they want to live,” said Adkins.

Adkins and the Democratic Party of Daviess County invited the community to bring a dish and ask questions tonight. Adkins says there are several things he wants Kentucky to work on. Adkins said, “To have an educated and well trained workforce is so important in the business and industry.”

As a former educator Adkins said education is one of the key areas he would work on if elected. “It is really the foundation of how we do as a state. How competitive we are in being able to recruit business and industry to come to Kentucky.”

Some in the democratic party like the direction Adkins is going. Donna Haynes added, “He is very passionate about teachers rights, about working peoples rights.”

One of the most important areas for Adkins is infrastructure. “Having good infrastructure. The investment in infrastructure. Rebuilding old infrastructure that’s in place that really needs dollars invested.Understanding how that budget works how you make those state dollars flow with the federal dollars,” said Adkins.

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