EVSC wants to maintain Eagle Valley Golf Course after sale

Eagle Valley Golf Course

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Eagle Valley Golf Course will close at the start of the new year, but it’s new owners, the Evansville School Corporation want to see it stay a golf course...for the time being.

It was a soggy day in Evansville which meant few golfers came out to say goodbye as Eagle Valley Golf Course opened for the last time. Beginning in the new year the course will be closed.

The Brinker family, who own the course, released a statement on social media Saturday saying they were selling the course to the EVSC and will close the course after the turn of the year.

The course sits directly across the street from the newly built McCutchanville Elementary school. EVSC officials say it was an opportunity they couldn’t pass up.

“They approached us and we knew of course that property is at a premium like that to find enough property to build a school on should that ever be necessary," said Jason Woebkenberg with the EVSC. "So we did work out an arrangement and ended up purchasing that property and we will make our final payment next month.”

Woebkenberg stressed that building another school could be a long way down the road.

“We do not have any immediate plans to build a school. We know if development continues at some point that may be necessary especially for a middle school or a junior high school," Woebkenberg said.

EVSC has been monitoring the growth in the McCutchanville area for some time now. They purchased the land for the new McCutchanville Elementary School 20 years prior to the building being open due to the expected growth in population.

The question now becomes, what’s next for Eagle Valley.

Woebkenberg says the news of the Brinker’s closing the course came as a surprise, but until they need it, the corporation intends for the land to remain a golf course.

“As we entered this agreement the Brinker family had originally intended to continue operating this as a golf course, now they have made the decision that is not going to happen,so we are actively pursuing anybody that would be interested... any group or outfit that would be interested in running that as a golf course," Woebkenberg said.

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