Medical transportation becomes nightmare for Tri-State woman

Medical transportation becomes nightmare for Tri-State woman

TRI-STATE (WFIE) - We continue our coverage on an issue across the state with non-emergency medical transportation.

Randy Debra Fulkerson is a medicaid patient who travels hundreds of miles a week to her specialist appointments. She tells 14 News a new state run program has been nothing but an absolute financial burden on her family.

"Nobody showed up Wednesday for me to go to the doctors,” explained Fulkerson.

Fulkerson knows the medicaid system all too well. She says in the last year she has seen so many issues with non-emergency medical transportation.

She fought breast cancer and now fights two bone diseases and recently had a knee replacement.

“When it first started, they didn’t get my drivers here because they used the wrong cab service that don’t do doctor services,” Fulkerson stated.

The medicaid program is run through a company called Southeastrans. And since it started in June, Fulkerson says its caused some real headaches.

"I missed about 14 , 15 doctors appointments,” Fulkerson recalled.

Those appointments missed because no one picked her up. But Fulkerson says there is a new program through medicaid that she hoped would help solve the problem.

“They told me that I could get reimbursement for mileage,” Fulkerson explained.

Fulkerson and her caregiver agreed to the program and marked every mile they drove per week on these logs. Over the last two months that bill has racked up about $600 in gas.

“We should’ve been paid on the 21st," stated Fulkerson. "Well nothing was sent to our account or a check wasn’t in the mail.”

Now Fulkerson says she is at a dead end. The money they hoped to receive the week before Christmas never came.

“I told him we couldn’t do it no more because we weren’t getting paid,” stated Fulkerson.

14 News did reach out to the state.

They confirmed this reimbursement program is something they offer. They said the program just started a few months ago and reimbursement could take four to six weeks.

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