Brothers battle sunken sternums together

Tri-State teen overcame painful surgery

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) -A Tri-State teen has overcome one of the most painful surgeries at Riley Hospital.

They may seem like a typical family but what’s on the outside doesn’t account for what’s happened on the inside for 14-year-old Evan Noble

Noble battles what is called Pectus Excavatum also known as a sunken sternum. Evan said, “I couldn’t inhale air and keep it in as well as I could whenever my chest was sunken.”

Noble along with his two brothers were diagnosed with sunken sternums. So far Evan has had the biggest battle after having the second most painful surgery at Riley Hospital for Children. Evan said, “It just got to the point where even walking up the steps couldn’t be done without breathing hard.”

To help lift his sternum Evan had a 13-inch steel bar placed in his chest. Evan’s mom Laura said his brothers have been by him every step of the way. Laura explained, " I remember when we returned from the hospital. There was a picture of Collin with his hand, and he thought about putting it shoulder but he was afraid he was going to hurt him so his hand is just there mid-air."

Evan had the bar removed from his chest about three weeks ago once doctors realized the bar had done it's job.

“He had some x-rays done and basically he had outgrown the bar,” said Laura.

Now Evan is living his best life with his brothers taking it easy one putt at a time. Evan said, “They’ve helped me. They’ve taken it easy on me. They haven’t done real physical things with me.”

Despite the Noble boys' diagnosis they’re thankful they all get to be home this holiday season. Laura said, “We have been so very thankful because our boys have something that can be fixed and if you spend any time at all at Riley, it’s not always the case.”

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