Sanitation workers spark friendship with KY 2-year-old

Henderson sanitation workers brighten boy's day

HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) - A Henderson, Kentucky boy has a brand new, favorite toy.

Remington’s mom shared video of the moment he was given his very own garbage truck. Only Santa didn’t bring this toy, Remington’s friends, the sanitation workers, did!

His mom emailed the city of Henderson to sing the praises of their trash guys.

She says Remington, who turns three in February, is really, really, really into garbage trucks. For the past several months, he waits every Wednesday for it to stop at his house.

Mom says the sanitation works have sparked a friendship with Remington. They’ll chat with him and listen as he tells them which bins to empty.

She says they’ve consoled him as he cried when his broken pool had to be hauled off. They’ve answered his questions, and even returned to their house later in their route if Remington missed them when they were early.

Remington’s family left small Christmas gifts for the workers, and they returned the favor with a toy garbage truck.

“Seriously, these men are amazing, and while they could ignore a two and a half year-old boy, they entertain him and are so kind to him. I hope they realize how excited they make my son,” said Remington’s mom, Whitney. “I felt like you needed to know the city has some incredible human beings working for them.”

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