All lanes of Hwy 41 back open

All lanes of Hwy 41 back open

HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) - All lanes of Highway 41 in Henderson are back open.

According to the Henderson County Emergency Management, a spill of either chicken manure or chicken offal created a slick mess along the strip.

Around 10 o’clock this morning, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet started receiving phone calls about slick driving conditions on US 41. KYTC Public Information Officer Keith Todd tells us it didn’t take long to figure out the cause.

“Very quickly realized it was either some kind of chicken manure, or chicken offal or some mixture thereof, so they called in our crew to help clean it up,” said Todd.

Todd says the main part of the spill happened between Marywood and Watson Lane. But as cars traveled through, the substance spread out along US 41.

“They started out by spreading sand on it and then sweeping that off and putting some more on. That wasn’t working so they came back and put salt on it. That helped some. And then they went out and got some industrial de-greaser to try and put on it to get it off,” said Todd.

Crews finally saw some success when using dawn dishwashing detergent. But now that the mess is cleaned up, Todd says he’d like to figure out who is responsible.

“We would really like to talk to the driver of the truck, if anyone has any information about the vehicle that spilled this material. We would love to issue the driver a citation and we’d also like to send him a bill for all of the cleanup effort,” said Todd.

Todd believes the spill could have caused some nasty accidents, but he’s thankful they were able to get to the scene before any occurred.

“It was really a slick mess out there. It makes for some pretty hazardous driving conditions. We’re just fortunate that we didn’t have any crashes out of the deal," said Todd.

It took crews nearly 12 hours to clean the mess.

Traffic restricted to one lane along US 41 in Henderson

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