Family keeping home with Dream Center funds

4 blocks in Jacobsville deemed Kids Zone

Family keeping home with Dream Center funds

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - An Evansville family is staying in their home this winter thanks to funds raised by the Dream Center.

It’s part of the Jacobsville Kids Zone focusing on kids' individual needs. The program changed the Wolf family’s lives.

The Wolf family moved into their home on Iowa Street last November.

“Things were good because he got a job at Berry Plastics and we were like awesome we’re finally doing good,” says Kourtnie Wolf.

Until July when they lost $60,000 in garnished wages for Cody’s medical bills. That led to a final eviction notice the day before Thanksgiving.

They had five days to find more than $2,000, or they were out.

“How are you going to get that kind of money? We didn’t know what to do,” says Kourtnie.

Running out of options, they called the Dream Center. Kourtnie just knew her three kids love the center’s after school programming.

Little did she know that living in the Jacobsville Kids Zone would be their saving grace.

“I don’t want to tear them away from finally what little bit of stability we finally do have. We haven’t had that in the 8 years me and him have been together. It’s just finally the first stable, solid thing we’ve got going for us, and we didn’t want to lose that,” says Kourtnie.

In a matter of hours, the Dream Center raised enough money to keep the Wolfs in their home.

“We know that we can’t keep giving them that support system if they move across town because they were evicted from their home,” says Dream Center Director of Ministry Programs John Benton.

The Kids Zone is bounded by Delaware, Garvin, Virginia, and Governor Streets.

“Every single child in those 4 blocks we’re going to help them become college, career, and life ready,” says Benton.

They believe the right support system for those kids can lead to limitless opportunities.

“We’ll do whatever it takes. If that means helping them stay in their home by fighting an eviction notice by helping raising money. We’ll do whatever it takes,” says Benton.

The Jacobsville Kids Zone bases its program on similar kid-centered models in Harlem, New York and Henderson. The nine year plan includes potential expansions.

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