Newburgh women recall Strasbourg days before shooting happens

Newburgh women recall Strasbourg days before shooting happens

NEWBURGH, IN (WFIE) -"Absolutely magical," said Pam Leneé when describing the famous Christmas market in Strasbourg France.

The market attracts millions of people this time of year. Pam and her daughter, Emily Holweger, were two of them.

“There was something almost fairy tale like in quality. It’s a rather large city, every street and every ally was decorated with gorgeous twinkling Christmas lights” said Emily.

But just a few short days after the two left that market, gun shots rang out, shattering that tranquility.

Minutes after shots were fired, messages began popping up on Pam and Emily’s phones.

“Could you please respond? Oh my gosh are you alright.”

Emily told us those were some text messages she received from family and friends.

The two heard the news as they arrived in the U.S. from France and couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

"After we got back I think that’s when I mentioned to the girls, I said you know, It never really occurred to me what a situation this would have been,” said Pam.

“It crossed my mind, but it was a fleeting thought,” said Emily.

Now that they’re home and have had time to reflect, the two have decided this won’t keep them from traveling again.

" I think if we live in constant fear, of what might happen, or what did happen. I think the bad guys win," said Pam.

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