Homeowners concerned with St. Benedict Cathedral’s new LED signage

A couple on Lincoln Avenue plan to dispute church’s proposed sign site at next Zoning meeting

Homeowners concerned with St. Benedict Cathedral’s new LED signage

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) -Some homeowners along Lincoln Avenue in Evansville are preparing to go up against an Evansville Catholic Church in an upcoming Zoning Appeals meeting.

St. Benedict Cathedral is doing site preparation for a large renovation project, and it entails moving the marquis to a new location.

But, the newly proposed spot is not sitting well with some neighbors.

The Greunewald’s live right across the street from the Cathedral.

They just moved to Evansville and bought their house on Lincoln in June.

After receiving a zoning variance document in the mail notifying them of the requested new LED signage site, the couple is now concerned with their property value and health.

“Eight years ago, I was diagnosed with open-angled glaucoma," Jan Greunewald said. "And I also have another condition called photophobia, where I have light sensitivity.”

Jan said if the sign moves to its new site, she would not be able to enjoy her new home.

“So, my concern is moving the sign 58 feet and having that artificial light blaring into the living room," Jan said. "It’s going to be very--it’s going to cause a lot of problems with my eyes.”

Right now, the sign sits on St. Benedict’s property on Lincoln Avenue, perpendicular to College Highway.

“It doesn’t really affect any residents for the way it’s situated at this moment," Steve Greunewald said.

In the church’s new plan, the sign would be moved directly across from the Greunewald’s front porch.

Jan and Steve are adamant they do not want the sign to be moved there.

According to county documents, the zoning board “specially approved” the church’s LED sign in 2014, given that it’s in a R-2 residential zone.

When we called and asked the church, Parish Office officials confirmed they are planning to move the sign, but assured us it would stay the same size.

The Greunewald’s say that’s not exactly what the zoning variance documents outline.

“They need to understand the impact that it’s going to have on the residents," Jan said. "They’re not only moving the sign, but they’re going to make the sign bigger, according to the paperwork that we received.”

The documents show the signage company is requesting a “relaxation” on the sign’s size, asking to allow more square footage.

We’re told other neighbors in the area plan to dispute St. Benedict’s new signage location at the next zoning meeting on December 20th, at 3p.m. in the Civic Center.

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