New Owensboro Juvenile Justice Center opens

Ribbon cutting ceremony held for new Juvenile Justice Center

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - Owensboro and Daviess county are celebrating the opening of their brand new juvenile justice center. Educators hope the new building will be a refreshing place for struggling children.

The center holds up to 36 students ranging from middle school to high school. And the new building isn't just a school, but also a place for these kids to seek help for their behavior

All of the kids are sent through the judicial system. Most are Daviess County students, but there are also some kids from Owensboro and surrounding areas.

Educators at Owensboro day treatment say the new building is breathing new life into the kids and allowing them to grow and hopefully move on.

“What we hope is that we’re planting seeds of hope within our kids," Jeremy Camron the head teacher at Owensboro day treatment said. "And we’re hoping that sometime between when they’re emotionally and mentally ready to move on, that we’ve done a good job of planting.”

The students and staff were moved into the new building about a month ago and the staff says it’s been a great adjustment for everyone.

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