Downtown businesses reporting higher sales

Holiday decorations drawing more traffic

Business booming downtown Evansville

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Business is booming in downtown Evansville, but we have learned it’s not all due to the good deals.

“We’ve seen a big difference, especially on weekends, even in the evenings,” says Turley Jewelers owner Bryan Turley.

Those business owners are seeing more traffic than any holiday season before. We are told it could be due to the holiday decorations.

The holiday decorations are bigger and better than ever before thanks to Economic Improvement District funds new this year. Businesses are seeing the benefits of creating a destination downtown this season.

“Christmas is our time,” says Turley.

A Main Street staple for 70 years, family owned Turley Jewelers knows how to do Christmas. Customers enjoy cookies from neighbor bakery Piece of Cake, Mrs. Turley’s special pecan muffins, and their famous snowing Christmas Tree.

“When you go into our stores they’re unique. They’re one of a kind, and the experience continues on the outside with beautiful displays such as these, our giant nutcrackers, our custom banners,” says Downtown Alliance Director Joshua Armstrong.

Armstrong says investing in the look and feel of downtown makes shopping there an experience. Sales at one store doubled this Black Friday.

Armstrong says the future holds even more elaborate decor.

“We plan to blow this out of the water next year. Oh my gosh. We are so excited,” says Armstrong.

Turley says downtown has been revamped in the last decade. Saturdays have picked up 50 percent.

“Yeah with more traffic, anytime you have more traffic it’s better,” says Turley.

It helps that more people are living downtown. An additional 415 beds are already under construction between hotel rooms and apartments.

“I think it’s going to keep continuing. We’re getting a new 200 units apartment a half block away behind Bru Burger. It’s just going to get better and better I hope,” says Turley.

“A lot of folks that are going to need things like ramen noodles and donuts and tacos and pizza and beer and coffee,” says Armstrong.

Armstrong says they are all on their way.

Another element in the works for downtown is a website that is expected to launch this month. We will let you know when that site goes live.

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