Neighborhood Watch: Porch pirates; car thieves caught

Neighborhood Watch: Porch pirates; car thieves caught

TRI-STATE (WFIE) - We have our first caught-on-camera porch pirate of the Christmas season.

It happened on Saturday in the 5000 block of Highway 81 in Daviess County. The man there took a package off the porch and drove away in a plum or purple Hyundai.

If you recognize the man or the car, contact the Daviess County Sheriff’s Office or remain anonymous through Crime Stoppers.

The sheriff tells us this is common, but many times, the contents of the packages just aren’t worth the risk of a year in jail.

“This police chief good buddy of mine up in Pine Grove all he had was dog food taken and a pair of gym shorts but it’s the circumstances," explains Sheriff Bill Thompson, Daviess County. "This is a police chief and they stole something off of his front porch. And he caught them.”

Crime prevention experts say try to be home if you’re having packages delivered. If you can’t be home, have the packages delivered to your work or someone who is home.

Or have a neighbor watch for your packages.

And we have an update on a victim of car theft we told you about on Monday.

Gavont Baker lives in an Apartment building on Washington Avenue near Vann Avenue. Baker says someone broke into his apartment last Thursday, stole his keys, and came back Saturday afternoon and stole his car.

Baker told us on Tuesday police found his car, but they are still looking for the thieves.

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